Indoor Video Walls

Floor-to-ceiling Dynamic Video Walls

Indoor video walls are a great feature to any store as they stand out and are really impressive. The adaptability of content and the adding selling power they give are unparalleled when it comes to indoor displays and they are far more cost effective than using vinyl backlit light boxes which are expensive for print and not easy to switch out.
Indoor video walls are not new to retail however they have previously relied on a series of large monitors connected and so have never given a truly solid image as there has always been a gap or line between screens. At LED Screen Digital we provide full, single piece screens which make a real showpiece and really stand out. Many stores are already starting to implement video wall displays as the cost is minimal when compared to the return and so it is seen as the future of visual merchandising and indoor digital signage.

Why pick digital signage?

Digital signage


more views
than static displays

Upswing created
in overall sales
volume when using
digital signage

More in-store traffic
is generated through
using digital signage.
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